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Future STEPS© (Future Skills Talent Empowerment Progress Service) in Surrey. As part of Future STEPS we are looking to recruit Volunteers in the borough of Waverley/Guildford.

The main tasks will involve working with the Talent Coach in delivering interventions and providing advice and guidance on a number of issues including (but not limited to): employment; education & training (including exclusion); housing; contraception and sexual health; teenage pregnancy; drugs and alcohol; emotional health and well-being; mental health and family and relationships. Volunteers will have knowledge of issues that affect young people and experience in coaching and mentoring.

The role will be based across the entire Waverley/Guildford Borough, working with young people in the community who need support to reach their potential.

Full training on all specialist areas will be given to all Volunteers who demonstrate a core skill base and an attitude which is aligned to the values of Step by Step.


Future STEPS volunteer opportunities involve working directly with young people alongside trained members of staff. Each opportunity provides volunteers with the chance to develop and draw on different skills and abilities.

As a Future STEPS volunteer you will have the opportunity to access free Level 1 and Level 2 training in youth work which focuses on substance misuse and sexual health education as well as being fully trained in using our client record database and other IT equipment. 

There are two opportunities available to our volunteers which are detailed below. Each description contains information on the service as well as ways in which volunteers can get involved/share their expertise. They also detail the skills   required for the particular volunteer role.  If there is a specific opportunity that matches with you, please highlight this on your application; otherwise we would be happy to suggest a role for your skills and talents.

*All volunteers are required to be DBS checked (SbS will pay).

*The following volunteer roles below include admin and/or direct working with Young people.

Future Steps volunteer Mentor

After a period of working alongside the talent coach, the young person would step down to a volunteer mentor if further support is needed. The young person will be supported by the Volunteer mentor in various support areas these can include: educations, employment, wellbeing and exploring aspirations.

By supporting the young person you will be providing support in these areas by:

  • Supporting the young people with CV writing
  • Building confidence in Interview techniques
  • Working with the young person to Job Search & filling in applications
  • Providing practical and emotional support to the Young Person  
  • Providing support to engage with education
  • Providing support with further education advice
  • Providing support with college/university application forms
  • Support applying for grants & funding for courses
  • Providing practical support to young people  
  • Taking enquires from young people  and professionals
  • Working with the young people in giving informed choice and awareness of various well-being subjects (Sexual Health, Drugs & Alcohol and Healthy Eating etc.)
  • Recording information on the client record database
  • Working alongside the young person to encourage and to develop hobbies and interests.
  • Directing clients to the correct service
  • Providing practical support to young people  

By supporting young people you will be helping them find employment opportunities that match their skills and talent, works closely with the young person to realise their future goals and make positive actions to help achieve this by giving them the opportunity to grow and encourage their interests, skills and Hobbies.

Young people that struggle to engage with school can face any number of barriers that prevent them from accessing education. You would be supporting the young people to overcome barriers to education and support the development of their talents and skills.

Supporting with wellbeing works closely with the young person to explore various subjects (Sexual Health, Drugs & Alcohol and Healthy Eating etc). By providing information to give the young person the opportunity to make positive changes to their life.

Useful skills:

  • Confident in using Microsoft Office  
  • Knowledge of local businesses in Area
  • Employment rights & responsibilities

Future STEPS© Peer Mentor

Future STEPS© are Launching a new Pilot Peer Mentoring service.

We are currently looking to recruit Peer mentors and wondered if you would share out the Poster to your staff team, also share with Pupils you feel could benefit from this.

While Peer Mentoring they would be paired up with a Mentee and would be supporting them with activities such as:

  • Sports
  • Social activities (supporting them to youth clubs, on FS© social events etc.)
  • Hobbies/Interests
  • Life Skills
  • Support during School (if they attend the same school)

They will have the support and guidance of the Talent Coach and will be able to contact them at any time during the working day. They will also undertake training to support them within their role:

The training will include:

  • Safeguarding
  • Basic Youth Work training
  • AQA Unit Awards in Peer mentoring
  • Mentor training

The Person applying will be Interviewed which would include a 5 minute presentation on a hobby or talent the Young person has. Also we would require 2 References.

Admin Based Volunteer

You will be working alongside the engagement officer by providing support with admin based tasks as below:

  • Creating and emailing out a weekly Job list
  • Providing support to the Talent Coach
  • Taking enquires from professionals
  • Contacting companies to arrange work experience and volunteering opportunities
  • Recording information on the young person record database
  • Taking enquires from Young People and professionals
  • Complying up to date funding grants and benefits support Lists
  • Networking with local schools and colleges promoting services and arranging sessions
  • Taking enquires from young people and professionals
  • Building relationships with local youth centres and young person's clubs (scouts, drama workshops, music clubs, etc.) to provide taster days and other activities.

Useful skills:

  • Confident in using Microsoft Office & ICT
  • Some knowledge of local and government funding grants and benefits
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