Do you have a Spare Room?

Would you let your spare room to a young person?

Supported Lodgings provide an opportunity for young people to seek advice, guidance, and support from a caring Host family, couple, or individual.

At Step by Step we have paid opportunities for you to let your spare room to a young person. Training and ongoing support is available as part of this opportunity.

"It's good to be able to offer someone somewhere safe to live when they would otherwise be in a damaging environment, such as homeless or sofa surfing, where they would be at risk."
Mark, Step by Step Supported Lodgings Host

Call Kelly on 07809 340638 for a no-obligation discussion or email


Step by Step's Supported Lodgings service helps young people, aged 16-25, into independent living by placing them into a fully assessed, safe, and caring home environment.
Some young people who have been forced to leave home due to family problems, or who have been in care, find themselves struggling to cope alone. Step by Step and our team of Hosts bridge the gap between home, or being in care, and living independently in the community.
Could you provide:

  • A comfortable single room?
  • Emotional and practical support?
  • Access to shared facilities; kitchen, bathroom, living area?
  • We are looking for hosts in your area, so get in touch today.


Most young people experience some difficulties when they leave their family home. In Britain the average age for leaving home is 23 which contrasts sharply with young people leaving the care of local authorities, where the age is generally only 16 or 17.
Teenagers who have been in care or have been forced to leave home due to family problems often find themselves struggling to cope alone. Many lack the confidence and basic skills to live independently. Without the support of a family, the experience can be truly traumatic.

Who can become a Host?

We need Hosts from all walks of life.
Are you a good listener, non-judgemental, and caring? Could you develop a young person's confidence, improve their everyday life skills, and support them to be more independent? Do you enjoy the company of young people, like taking on rewarding challenges, and want to make a difference in people's lives?

Support for Hosts

We will support you every step of the way by providing:

  • Access to training.
  • A carefully and sensitively matched placement for both you, and the young person.
  • the opportunity to meet the young person before they move in.
  • Support throughout the move in.
  • A Step by Step support worker, as well as access to 24 hour crisis support.
  • Monthly remittance.

You can download our Supported Lodgings leaflet here which will give you more information, and you can also take a look at a role profile for hosting which you may find helpful.

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