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Young people working towards independent living in Elmbridge are being priced out of their hometowns. Without the Lodgings scheme, these young people would be forced to move out of area, giving up their support networks and even their jobs. If you have a spare room and would be willing to host a lodger, you could help young people from Elmbridge remain in Elmbridge.

By providing accommodation within local homes, the Elmbridge Lodgings service offers an opportunity for young people to access affordable, short-term accommodation as an interim step to independence.

At Step by Step we are looking for new Hosts to join our support network. Do you want to make a difference in your community?

"I applied to be a host to make a difference and, although an over-used phrase; to pay something forward. I could have done with someone like me when I was 16 years old - young,vulnerable, alone, and making risky / dangerous choices; it doesn't need to be like that if you can offer safety and stability to a young person." ~ Step by Step Host

To become a Host please email kelly.giles@stepbystep.org.uk or call Lisa on 07860 953 936

Most young people experience some challenges when they leave their family home. In Britain the average age for leaving home is 23 which contrasts sharply with young people leaving the care of local authorities, where the age is generally only 16 or 17.

John moved into his Lodgings recently and, because he is living in his local area, he has been able to continue with his job and has already enrolled on an online course to study business. John has applied for housing benefit and is only having to pay the local housing allowance for his rent. Without this programme, it is likely that John would have had to move out of area and leave his employment and social networks.

Supported by The Walton on Thames Charity.

Walton Charity Becoming a Lodgings Host 2017

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