Skydive Challenge

Enjoy the exhilarating feeling of flying through the clouds from over 10,000 feet at up to 120 mph!

Gather a team or take on an individual challenge and gain sponsorship for this truly brave but unforgettable experience!

Reserve your place on a jump for just a £70 per person deposit. Then to receive your jump for free all you need to do is raise the minimum sponsorship amount shown below. As long as you reach this target all costs are covered, including roughly £140 sponsorship money for Step by Step. Anything raised beyond this minimum will be additional vital funds toward the work we do.

Tandem Skydive: £395*

Static Line Square: £360

Accelerated Freefall: £535

*£450 in Scotland and Northern Ireland

To find out more and view jump locations please click here.

This challenge is run by our partner Skyline Events.

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