Community Involvement Initiative

Monday 20th June 2016

The Community involvement Initiative

This initiative started in April in Step by Step's Havant, Fareham and Gosport Foyer services. Young people will be involved in a variety of activities, over a 12 month period, aimed at providing services and / or events to older people living in the community who are at risk of isolation and loneliness. The project will include consultation and participation in delivering sessions as well as a number of project specific AQA training sessions and employment, education, and training (EET) activity.  

  High Tea

  • Malmesbury Lawn Care Home is a 35 bed care home that provides services to older people living with dementia.
  • Malmesbury Lawn Adult Day Care Centre is situated next door to the Care Home. The Day Centre provides the opportunity for over 50s to stay connected to their local communities and expand their interests and social networks. It plays a vital role in enabling them to remain independent and active for as long as possible.

Having met with the management team in the Care Home and discussed our Community Involvement Initiative, the following launch event was agreed:

  •        To prepare and serve a high tea to the older people living in the Care Home
  •        To work with the catering team on site to prepare the food and drinks
  •        To serve the high tea to the older people living in the Care home and engage with them on a 1-1 basis

Young people visited the Care Home prior to the launch event; they met with the staff team and were given a tour of the building. The tour included the large commercial kitchens which cater to 35 older people living in the Care Home and for the large Day Centre situated next door to the Care Home.


Additional preparation included a 'dress rehearsal' high tea which was held in our Stage 1 service, Krystal House to:

  •        Enable young people to practice the event
  •        Promote participation in the event

The launch event was held shortly afterwards and was a success. Young people and the staff attending all dressed in Step by Step t-shirts and all participated well. They worked with the onsite catering team to prepare food and drinks. They then served them to the residents in the Care Home in one of the Communal lounges, and also engaged well with the residents. 

One of the young people realized how much she enjoyed working with older people and has made enquiries about volunteering within the service.This request was so well received by the Malmesbury lawn staff team (they were very impressed with all of the young people who participated), that they have offered to fund her DBS check and discussed her involvement with in-house activities and the opportunity to progress onto working with staff to deliver care.

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