Richard joined Step by Step in September 2016. He had overheard a conversation about Step by Step which led him to asking more questions. He says that it was the,

“positive and enthusiastic approach to working with young people” that inspired him to want to work for Step by Step.

At Step by Step we recruit Support Workers and put them on a comprehensive internal accreditation plan, the STEP Plan. This STEP Plan promotes our asset-based approach and our organisational values while improving and refining the skills of the worker to ensure their readiness to best support young people. The STEP Plan takes 3-6 months to complete, at which point the Support Worker graduates to the position of STEP Worker. STEP is an acronym standing for Skills, Talent, Empowerment, Progress. Each module in the Plan reflects these four elements as the Worker progresses on their journey to STEP Worker.

Going through the STEP Plan was both rewarding and challenging for Richard, as it is for any STEP Worker. There are elements of the Plan which run concurrently with day-to-day work alongside young people, and there are administrative elements which take time to complete. Richard said, “at times I loved it, at other times it felt like admin getting in the way of my real job.” The STEP Plan process has changed things for Richard though. The early part of the STEP Plan gave him great insight into the charity and what’s unique about Step by Step. He feels he’s developed tools to support his professional work. He also described the STEP Plan as having given him a platform to implement his ideas with management supervision which is incredibly empowering.Richard shared what he’s looking forward to with Step by Step, and that’s simply...

“STEP working with young people and seeing them progress more and more towards their aspirations.”

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