Alisha*’s world fell apart when her nan died from COVID-19. Not only did she lose someone she loved dearly, but she lost her stability, her mentor and her home.

Alisha had gone to live with her nan at an early age and her nan had brought her up for the last 14 years. Living with her nan was all Alisha knew. When her nan was so cruelly taken away, Alisha found herself lost, confused and homeless.

Our Supported Lodgings accommodation was the ideal fit for Alisha’s needs. We were able to give her a stable home and introduce her to a supportive host – the closest thing she could have to a family living environment.

We identified a host that was the perfect match. They initially met online to discuss what each needed and expected from the placement, and we vetted the host for suitability. Soon Alisha was able to move into her new home.

Alisha struggled at first. Not only was she dealing with grief, but she had to adapt to a new home and the challenges of living in lockdown. Additionally, Alisha had very few life skills as her nan had done everything for her. The host and her STEP Worker were able to support her and encourage her to learn new things. She started to settle in and show signs of coping well.

Alisha has now completed a Prince’s Trust course and is doing online job interviews. She wants to work in care or in a hospital to give something back to society. Fund raised through Step by Step’s COVID-19 Emergency Appeal bought her smart clothes, while her host has helped to build her confidence and prepare for work.

Despite coronavirus taking such an important person in her life, and despite the challenges of living in lockdown, Alisha is looking towards her future with positivity. In just a short time, she has already come so far.

* Name changed to respect privacy

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