For World Homeless Day Amy was prepared to share a little of her story in her own words below.

"When I was 14, my mum was evicted because of rent problems due to her addiction. For the next two years I was moving from place to place; I was staying with family members and family friends. Eventually I ended up living with my grandmother. Unfortunately it didn't work out between us and I had to leave. Until that point I had lived in six different places in two years. On the day I had to leave my grandmother's, I was introduced to Step by Step (through my social worker). Within two days of meeting my support worker, I was introduced to a potential host that matched my likes and dislikes. Three days later I was able to move in.

Now I am living with my host and I receive amazing support from my support worker and host. It took a little while to build trust because when you've moved around that much, you learn not to get attached, but I have a great relationship with my host and this placement has made me feel safe and secure while I prepare for independence. I'm doing very well at college and I have learned to budget, cook and do my own washing and ironing.
I am currently studying media production, criminology, and sociology. In the future I look forward to getting an apprenticeship in the media sector, and preferably journalism or PR."

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