Brayden* became homeless after leaving the care system. With nowhere else to turn, he was referred to Step by Step and we offered him Foyer accommodation. Not only was he given a safe place to call home, but he received specialist support to help him move on to a better future.

One of the services that helped Brayden was our Drugs and Alcohol Recovery support.

Brayden was drinking very heavily. He had received several warnings from the Accommodation team and was at risk of being evicted for flouting the zero alcohol policy. He was also getting himself into dangerous situations, waking up in the street and not knowing how he got there, and was at risk of exploitation.

As Brayden got into more of a downward spiral, he quit his job and spent a lot of time in his room. His mental health was being impacted and he wasn’t as outgoing as he had previously been.

Brayden had a course of sessions with Sara, our Recovery specialist. These sessions focus on the reasons why a young person drinks, how to reduce harm, and what they can do instead of drinking. This could be taking up a new interest or re-engaging with an activity they used to enjoy. The sessions also focus on a young person’s self-esteem, resilience and self-forgiveness.

Brayden has since cut down on his drinking and is feeling much better about himself. He is also more motivated, completing a maths course and finding himself a new job.

For the first time, Brayden is taking control of his future. He now has his own place to live, has enrolled at college and aspires to one day go to university.

* Name changed to respect privacy

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