Charlie* reached out to Launch when suddenly faced with homelessness. Following a relationship breakdown with his friend’s parents, he was asked to leave their home in less than two months.

Alongside a Launch support worker, Charlie looked at all his available options and realised he would need a job to support himself whilst finding a new home. Together they decided that a lodger placement would be the best option for him and began preparing for a job interview so Charlie could move forward with his life.

Though it may have felt difficult at times, soon, Charlie was successful at securing a new job. Quickly after that triumph, with the ongoing help from Launch, Charlie was also able to find a place to stay. He could finally feel the weight of possibly being homeless lifting off his shoulders. Launch paid the deposit for the home allowing Charlie to get settled and feel hopeful about his future.

Two weeks later, Charlie moved into his new home, started his new job and could look back on the prospect of homelessness as a thing of the past.

When Charlie contacted Launch, homelessness had been just two months away. Just one month later, he would start to feel secure and stable once more. He has been able to grow independently, knowing he had Launch’s continued support behind him.

* Name changed to respect privacy

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