Chloe* found herself homeless at just 17 years old. She was a victim of domestic abuse and was advised to leave the family home. She had no other family to support her and so temporarily moved in with her partner’s family.

This was not a long-term solution, and she needed somewhere stable to live. Step by Step assessed Chloe for a place in Supported Lodgings and she was placed on the waiting list. However, following an argument with her partner, her partner’s family wanted her to leave immediately.

It was a truly distressing situation for Chloe, having been made homeless twice in short succession. Step by Step responded to her dire circumstances and was able to house her the next day.

When Chloe arrived at the Supported Lodgings service, she had no identification, no bank account and no access to any finances whatsoever. She moved in with her new Host and with support from Step by Step, she registered with a local GP, set up a bank account and made a successful claim for Universal Credit.

Chloe was the first to admit she had hit rock bottom at this point at this point in her life. She felt she had no control or direction, had poor mental health and hated being out of education. Working closely with Chloe and her Host, Step by Step helped her to develop a support plan. This was a series of small goals that would help her move forward and work towards her aspirations.

Chloe is now engaging with a domestic abuse support group and receiving counselling for her mental health issues. She has been accepted at college and will be starting next term. The Host is the key to any successful Supported Lodgings placement and Chloe’s Host has been helping her learn key life skills, including how to cook and how to eat within a budget.

Chloe has come a long way since she first came to us. Now she has one last goal she would like to achieve. When Covid restrictions are lifted, she is looking forward to getting back into playing football and hockey, not just for the physical exercise, but for the chance to make new friends.

She can make these plans only because she has a stable and supportive place to live.

* Name changed to respect privacy

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