Dylan* approached our Launch advice and guidance service when he became homeless and needed help to find accommodation. Dylan has no family support, is on the Autistic Spectrum, and struggles with communication and understanding what is expected of him.

The Launch Support Worker helped Dylan find accommodation in an independent living village for the disabled. Launch continued to provide him with ongoing tenancy support, to help him understand the terms of his agreement, and ensure the placement remained positive for him.

Personal Independence Payments (PIP) are a benefit intended to help with extra living costs for those with long-term physical or mental health disabilities. We felt that Dylan very much qualified for this payment and helped him to apply.

Unfortunately, Dylan’s application for PIP was rejected twice following telephone assessments. We thought this was unfair and appealed. Dylan was struggling to afford to pay for daily essentials and was having to use food banks.

Dylan’s PIP claim was taken to a tribunal. The Launch Support Worker helped Dylan to present his case, gathering over 100 pieces of evidence of his disability to support his claim. The Support Worker attended the hearing as Dylan’s advocate, helping him to understand what was going on, as well as providing professional insight to the judge.

The judge agreed that Dylan was in fact eligible for disability support payments. Dylan was awarded a £10,000 back payment to cover the two years he had been without any financial support.

Dylan will turn 25 soon, at which point he will no longer be able to access Launch. The PIP payments will mean he is able to employ a personal assistant, allowing him a future of dignified, independent living.

* Name changed to respect privacy

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