Like many young people leaving the care system, Harry* suddenly found himself on his own and with nowhere to go. He was homeless at 19 years old. His experiences in care had left him with mental health issues, PTSD and suicidal thoughts. His future appeared bleak.

Harry was referred to Step by Step’s Supported Lodgings service and was assessed to have a high level of need. He was carefully matched with a compatible Host who would be able to offer the patience and care that Harry required. Supported Lodgings would provide him with a safe place to live and the stability he needed to address the numerous challenges he faced.

When Harry first came to Supported Lodgings, he had no interest in staying in college, was not engaging with mental health support services and was not registered with a GP. He had little motivation and poor eating habits. Fortunately, he could now start receiving the support he needed to address these concerns.

Over time and with lots of persistence from his Host, Harry agreed to enrol with a GP and started to receive combined therapy for his mental health issues. He has since developed a good relationship with his therapist and the sessions are having a positive impact on his outlook.

Harry is engaged with college once more and is eating well. He follows a daily routine that he planned together with his Host.

When asked for his feedback, Harry said he feels at home in his placement and has a clearer picture of his future. He is excited about what it holds for him.

* Name changed to respect privacy

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