Holly* was at risk of homelessness when her relationship with her parents broke down. She initially moved into Step by Step Foyer accommodation, but found it difficult to manage her emotional and mental health needs in a group living environment. Supported Lodgings was the ideal solution, offering Holly the stability she needed in a more family-like setting.

Holly was placed with an experienced Host in Fareham and settled in well. After a short time, she showed signs of greater emotional stability. With encouragement and support, Holly attended appointments with a local Mental Health service provider.

However, Holly eventually decided that these counselling sessions, and the medication she had been prescribed, were not a long term solution for her mental health issues. It was more important for her to be near her friends and the support of a social network. Because her friends lived some distance away, Holly was spending a lot of money and time on travelling to meet them.

Step by Step responded to this situation by finding Holly a new Host, this time in Gosport and within walking distance of her friends. Since then, Holly’s mental and emotional health have steadily improved. She is now happier and more grounded, and has started online courses studying various aspects of childcare which she hopes to pursue as a career.

Holly has fully settled in to her new Supported Lodgings home and feels safe and secure. Her new Host is very supportive, tolerant and understanding. Holly is already thinking about the next step of living independently, including looking for a part-time job and exploring private renting opportunities.

Step by Step Support Worker, Chris Furness, commented: “It's been a real pleasure to see how well Holly has progressed in the last 12 months. Her confidence and resilience have grown and she has made a really positive transition towards independence and adulthood.”

Holly still has some personal and life challenges to overcome, but she is making great progress and is much more positive about her future.

*Name changed to protect privacy

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