Jack* lived with his mum after they had to flee domestic abuse. A few years later, they moved abroad with his mum’s new partner. However, things did not go as planned and his mum’s relationship broke down. Finding themselves abroad with a lack of employment opportunities and affordable accommodation, they decided to return home to the UK.

Jack’s mum struggled to find permanent accommodation and so Jack was unable to live with her. He presented himself to our Youth AIMS drop-in advice service, based in our Aldershot Foyer, where he was able to receive support and look at the next steps available to him.

As well as having issues with substance abuse, Jack struggled with his mental health. He confessed that he had suicidal thoughts and had low self-esteem. After discussing the options available, Jack felt that supported accommodation would be good for him. As well as a safe, stable place to live, he would also be able to access counselling and have opportunities to learn life skills so that he could work towards independence.

Jack was referred to and accommodated in our Aldershot Foyer. He initially lived in Step 1 accommodation, which has support workers available 24/7 and is for young people with the most intensive needs. After a couple of months, Jack was showing enough signs of progression to be able to move on to Step 2, which encourages residents to live more independently.

While living with Step by Step, Jack attended our counselling service and was able to work on his self-esteem and mental health issues. He found himself growing in confidence. The group living environment and support from staff allowed him to learn life skills that would be the basis for a stable future.

Jack was able to move on from Step by Step accommodation and now lives independently.

*Name changed to respect privacy.

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