Jasmine was referred to Youth AIMS by her school, at the request of her mum who was concerned about her behaviour and drinking.

Jasmine was open about her drinking, stating that she struggled to have 'just one drink', and expressed that she felt more confident and that people responded to her better when she'd been drinking. Over the course of further appointments, Jasmine shared that her low self-esteem and sense of self worth had led her to self-harm.

Jasmine was able to gain weekly support sessions through Youth AIMS, during which she completed an alcohol / feelings diary which helped her to identify triggers. Jasmine was also referred to an Emotional Management Course which assisted her in learning new skills to cope with different feelings. Her Youth AIMS support worker also facilitated contact with her GP and maintained regular telephone contact with Jasmine's mum with Jasmine's permission.

Jasmine has now abstained from alcohol for 4 months, she has found using the diary and isolating her triggers has really helped. Her health and wellbeing has improved greatly, she no longer feels the need to self-harm and, if she feels overwhelmed, practices the relaxation and tension relieving exercises learnt. Jasmine's relationships at home and school are improved and she has rejoined the school netball team she left last year. Jasmine has also secured a part time job at New Look and feels this has helped with her self-esteem.

Jasmine's Mum said,

"It is like living with a different person, in a good way." and expressed her thanks.

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