Kaitlin* became homeless at 18 years old following a family breakdown. She suffered from poor mental health as a result of experiencing a hostile home life and lacked confidence.

Step by Step was able to offer Kaitlin a Supported Lodgings placement. She was matched with a host with whom she has a lot in common, in a very quiet, calming home.

It was just what Kaitlin needed. She felt comfortable and relaxed in her new home and it started to have a positive impact on her mental health. She grew in confidence and began to go out and make friends, while also finding a part time job that fitted in with college. Her life became more like that of a typical 18 year old.

Kaitlin was due to move out of the placement after 6 months; Supported Lodgings placements are typically not funded after 18 years old. However, it was a critical point in Kaitlin’s education. She was revising for upcoming exams and looking for university places. This could have been jeopardised had she been burdened with the additional stress of finding a private rental and living independently.

Fortunately, thanks to funding from supporters, Supported Lodgings can now offer extended places beyond the age of 18. This has enabled Kaitlin to have the best possible chance of doing well in her A Levels. She is looking forward to going to university and excited about where her future might take her.

Kaitlin told us: “I can’t express how grateful I am to be able to stay here while I finish my exams and go to Uni. I really don’t know where I would have been without this help. I couldn’t have coped with doing my exams while having nowhere to live, so thank you so much.”

*Not her real name.

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