Kaleb* became homeless upon leaving the care system. At just 18 years old, he found himself in the terrifying position of being alone and with nowhere to go.

Step by Step initially offered Kaleb an emergency bed. He was in a bad way at the time and heavily misused cannabis. He was assessed by the accommodation team and it was mutually agreed that our Supported Lodgings service was the best way to meet his needs of a stable home and supportive environment.

When Kaleb first moved into his Host’s home, he was not in education or working. He would sleep all day and not engage with his Host or support worker. However, after gentle perseverance, the support worker had a breakthrough and Kaleb opened up about his issues. He admitted for the first time the extent of his cannabis misuse which dated back several years.

Supported Lodgings not only offered Kaleb a stable place to call home, he also received mentoring, guidance and advice. Over time, this started to have a measurable impact. Kaleb dramatically cut down on smoking cannabis, started to take pride in his cleanliness, wash his own clothes and cook for himself.

Kaleb now works in a scaffolding apprenticeship. He enjoys the role, works hard and gets up at 5am each morning. He has a good relationship with his Host and has a safe and supportive home from which to plan his future.

Kaleb told us: “This is the first place I have lived in six years that I love and care about.”

* Name changed to respect privacy

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