When Karen*’s relationship with her partner broke down, she was unable to return home to her mum due to ongoing problems, and so found herself with nowhere to go. We initially gave her an emergency bed at our Krystal House foyer, before she moved into Stage One accommodation. This is accommodation for young people who require the most support.

Although clearly an intelligent girl, Karen lacked confidence and had little experience of living independently. She wanted to get into education but didn’t know how to go about doing so.

Our support staff helped her to increase her self-confidence, gain new skills and learn about positive relationships. She engaged with staff throughout the process and was able to progress to Stage Two accommodation where she could live with more independence.

Early this year, Karen discovered she was pregnant and decided to postpone her education. Louise Davies, Senior Floating Support, assessed Karen and was confident she had learned the necessary skills for independent living. She helped her negotiate a two-bedroom property with the council, and although this was a lengthy process, Louise supported her every step of the way.

“It was a pleasure to watch her grow from an uncertain girl to a confident young woman,” Louise said. “She now has the skills to be successful and the passion to do well for her family.”

Karen now lives in her own flat with her baby due very soon. She is happy in her new home and hopeful about the future. She continues to stay in touch with Step by Step.

*Name changed to respect privacy.

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