Lacey* came to Step by Step after both her parents passed away. Devastated and alone, Lacey needed a stable place to live as well as a great deal of compassion and support.

Lacey was initially given a place in one of our Foyers, living alongside other young people her age. However, she preferred the idea of a family environment and it was decided that our Supported Lodgings service would be the perfect fit.

At first, she was very nervous about living with her host, but after a few meetings to discuss her concerns, she felt ready to move in.

Lacey and her host went on to develop a fantastic relationship, characterised by honesty and openness. The trauma of losing her parents had left Lacey with mental health issues; the host would recognise when she was struggling, not sleeping or eating very much and offer her support.

With such a safe, caring environment to live in, Lacey soon began to thrive. She did well at college and was accepted into drama school. She decided that she wanted to continue living with her host for the first year of studying, until she feels she is ready to move on to independent living.

Lacey got herself a part time job, enjoying the new responsibility and having her own money for the first time. She has aspirations for a career on the stage and also wants to go travelling to experience different cultures.

Lacey has now joined our Young Person’s Advisory Group. This is a focus group comprised of young people, many of whom have accessed our services. They feed back on changes and improvements that they feel would benefit their peers. Lacey wants to take on the role of lead ambassador and we know she will bring great energy and insight to the position.

Despite suffering significant bereavement at a very young age, Lacey has displayed incredible resilience and maintains a positive outlook on life. Step by Step will continue to support her until she is ready to move on.

When asked what she thought about living with her host, Lacey told us: “I like that things are consistent and normal. This feels like home.”

* Name changed to respect privacy

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