When Lisa* first met with Sarah at Youth AIMS, she was very unhappy at college but didn't feel confident to broach the subject with her parents.

Sarah supported Lisa through some self-esteem and confidence exercises. Lisa responded really well and realised her feelings and aspirations were as important as anyone else's. Her communication skills improved immensely as her confidence grew.

Despite some initial resistance, Sarah was able to facilitate mediation sessions between Lisa and her parents. After two sessions, Lisa was able to find the confidence to explain her dream of being a pastry chef, and her parents agreed to allow her to leave college.

Sarah accompanied Lisa to a meeting at her 6th Form College to support Lisa in talking to her Tutor and Head of Department. Together, they discussed the best way forward and Lisa was put in touch with the local technical college's apprenticeship advisor.

Sarah supported Lisa in writing a CV and cover letter. Together, they searched for apprenticeships and contacted restaurants and patisseries that Lisa was keen to work in. Lisa was invited to an interview at one of Raymond Blanc's Patisseries so the next step was to practice interview skills.

Lisa has now completed the first part of her apprenticeship and is currently spending six months in one of Raymond Blanc's restaurants in Paris as a Trainee Pastry Chef.

Sarah said, "The change in Lisa is a credit to her determination. She has overcome confidence and self-esteem issues making her more independent, and her communication skills are now very good."
Lisa said, "I would never have had the courage or confidence to go for my dream without Youth AIMS."

*Name changed to respect privacy.

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