When London* was referred to Step by Step, she was considered a young person with very high needs. She moved into our Foyer accommodation where she could receive dedicated support alongside a stable place to live.

London was very shy at first. She appeared reserved and found communication with other young people and staff a real challenge. The Step Workers adjusted their approach to her needs. They identified the triggers that would lead to London shutting down and becoming resistant to the support provided. They kept the focus on London’s understanding and capacity for processing information, and tailored tasks and expectations to the pace she was comfortable with.

This tailored approach to support started to pay off. London began to engage with her Step Workers, became more pro-active and started to gain a sense of achievement, which encouraged her further.

London’s placement was for six months, but at the end of that term she was not ready to move on to independent living, so her placement was extended for another six months to give her time to prepare.

Gradually, London started to engage more in her support sessions with her key worker. Although there were a few blips and anxious moments where London refused to engage any further, the key worker remained determined and came up with new ideas and encouraging ways to approach London’s anxiety.

London learned key life skills such as basic personal admin, preparing meals by herself, budgeting money, making phone calls, booking appointments and, eventually, contacting landlords to view private rental properties.

London is now living independently in her own flat, an achievement that seemed so far out of reach when she first arrived at Step by Step.

* Name changed to respect privacy

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