Lydia, 19, came to Step by Step at the end of March after over-crowding in her home and family breakdown led to Lydia being kicked out. The stressful home environment made it difficult for Lydia to handle her depression and her mental health became very low.

“Some days my depression and mood was so low I couldn’t get out of bed. I just wasn’t able to face the day.”

Lydia was very keen to engage with Step by Step and from day one she had her mind set on making positive changes to her life. She has been accessing all the training and support services and has shown particular interest and talent in baking. In the last two ‘Brunch Club’ sessions, Lydia helped make chocolate brownies and Victoria sponge cake. She is working her way towards baking on her own.

“I’ve learnt how to use a washing machine and I’m enjoying doing my own washing and cleaning every day. Everyone is really nice here so far so I’m enjoying it.”

Lydia is embracing her new found independence and whilst she is not work ready yet, is progressing quickly and positively.

Senior Step Worker Richard said

“She is taking part in all the different activities and support services and really getting stuck in. She has a great attitude and you can see she really is keen to develop. In the short space of time, she has already achieved so much”.

*Name changed to respect privacy.

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