Maddi* is a brave young woman who was able to turn her life around despite facing numerous challenges.

We first met Maddi when she was given an emergency bed with Step by Step. She had been in numerous foster care placements since the age of 13 following a family breakdown and had never been given the opportunity to settle down. This had resulted in very high levels of anxiety and attachment issues.

Maddi settled into her new placement but she knew it was only temporary and the prospect of having to move again heightened her anxiety further. She was a young person with a high level of need, including a history of self-harm, ADHD, depression and attachment disorder. She desperately needed some stability and a safe, caring place to call home.

We were able to give her that with a Supported Lodgings placement.

Maddi readily accepted the support offered to her. The STEP Worker and host encouraged her to regularly take her medication and engage with the Adult Mental Health Team, which helped to bring her mental health issues under control.

With her newfound stability, Maddi could focus on her future for the first time. She learned new life skills and completed an independent skills workbook.

Maddi has engaged with college once again. She has completed her Maths and English and earned a Distinction in Public Services. Her confidence has grown and she has made huge strides towards a future living independently.

* Name changed to respect privacy

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