Martin got in touch with Youth AIMS having found about the service through a leaflet at a local shopping centre.

When Martin first visited Youth AIMS, he was very anxious, suffering with panic attacks, not sleeping well, experiencing very low mood, and was having violent outbursts.

"I'm worried about what's happening to me."

Martin's Youth AIMS worker suggested that he see his GP. Martin then expressed concern over this and disclosed that he had been using NPS's (New Psychoactive Substances) for the past six months. He feared that a GP wouldn't help him if they knew about the drugs. In order to reassure him, Martin's Youth AIMS worker offered to accompany him to a GP appointment, which he accepted. The GP made a CMHT (Community Mental Health Team) referral and offered a prescription for medication to address the sleeping. While waiting for the referral appointment, Martin was able to visit the Youth AIMS drop in sessions as required.

The Youth AIMS team were able to support Martin with managing his anxiety through teaching relaxation techniques. Martin was also persuaded to share with his parents what he was experiencing so that they could offer support also.

Martin is now attending regular counselling sessions and says;

"I am now much calmer and more able to cope. I spoke to my parents and they've been really supportive. I find the relaxation very helpful and still use it daily."

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