Skye* became homeless after leaving her mum’s house to escape emotional abuse.

Due to poor mental and emotional health, Skye was considered too high need for some supported accommodation providers. She was referred to Step by Step and after an initial assessment, was given a Supported Accommodation Bed. This placement would ensure she had the one-to-one support she required to address her self-harm, anxiety attacks and other challenges.

Skye engaged really well with the Support Worker and other Step by Step staff. We identified the priority areas of need to be her mental health and her self-care skills.

It was not long before Skye began to progress positively. She accessed mental health support from Step by Step and from her GP, leading to an increase in confidence and a reduction in self-harm. She also developed new independent living skills, learning to cook healthy meals and take care of her cleanliness.

The future is now looking so much brighter for Skye. She has found a part-time job that she really enjoys and has learned to manage her finances for herself.

Skye is now on the waiting list for a place in our Supported Independence Flats – the final step before moving on to independent living.

We are delighted to see how far she has progressed in the face of such adversity.

*Not her real name

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