Will* became homeless after escaping from an abusive partner. He approached Step by Step and after assessing his needs, we were able to give him a place in our Supported Independence Flats. This accommodation would allow him to live largely independently, but with support available to help him achieve his goals.

Will was keen to get into employment, so his Support Worker helped him apply for jobs and become work ready. Support sessions also focused on learning key life skills, including managing his finances. He also received support with his mental health and confidence.

Will responded well to the help offered to him and was motivated in working towards his Support Plan. He enrolled with a GP to seek help for his mental health issues and began to take steps towards self-sufficiency.

In Step by Step’s Supported Independence Flats, young people live with two or three of their peers and are responsible for their own washing, cleaning and other chores. They are also expected to pay towards bills if they are in work. This accommodation model is ideal for young people without a high level of need, and is good preparation for independent living.

It was a pleasure to see Will grow closer to achieving his goals. He got his mental health issues under control, increased in confidence and started to apply for private rentals.

Eventually, Will felt ready to move on from Step by Step. He moved into a shared house with friends and now has the skills and confidence to work towards realising his aspirations.

* Name changed to respect privacy

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