Foyer Accommodation

Foyer Accommodation

Foyers are an alternative to hostel provision and provide a positive induction to adulthood for those young people who don't get that from home. They offer much more than a crisis response to youth homelessness by providing personal development, enabling young people to build their emotional health and well-being and connecting them with learning and employment as the best routes out of poverty and disadvantage.

Step 1

Young people enjoy a supportive, secure and stable living environment. Each young person has their own STEPĀ© (Skills, Talent, Empowerment, Progress) worker who will work with them to identify aspirations, goals and development needs to encourage them in achieving their full potential in a step by step, manageable way.

Young people can stay here for up to 6 months after which many move to Step 2. Every year we have many more referrals than we can accommodate.

Step 2

Young people enjoy a greater degree of independence and are responsible for budgeting their money and cooking for themselves. This can often be the first step in taking responsibility for their own lives.

Often, it is at this stage the young people find that they have reached a level of stability sufficient to start exploring some of the bigger aspirations in their lives and really taking control of their development. Young people begin to make concrete plans for their future. STEPĀ© working is vital to this process.

Young people stay in Step 2 for typically around 6 - 9 months, after which time many move on to independence.


We operate Foyer Accommodation Services in:

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