Join the Young People's Advisory Group (YPAG)

Our aim is to bring about organisational change through meaningful representation. We make sure the voice of young people is heard and influences the organisation's decision-making process. To do this, we understand how the organisation works and then advise Step by Step on how best to engage with young people. This includes:

  • reviewing young people’s feedback
  • helping develop and improve services for young people
  • discussing issues that are important to young people
  • influencing organisational strategy and policy

As a member, you will also engage with young people who are accessing our services to promote their views and this will be used to support the delivery of services.

"Becoming a member of the Young People's Advisory Group is a great opportunity to make a difference to the lives of young people in your local community. We want to make use of your valuable insights to allow us to support young people in the best way we can."
Debbie Moreton, Chief Executive.

As a member of YPAG, you will also be part of a mentoring programme in partnership with one of our corporate partners. The mentor will catch up with you on a regular basis and you are able to get advice on several areas, including personal development and careers advice.

Do you think you have what it takes to be a member of YPAG? Do you want to make a difference to young people in your community? Apply today!

Who can apply? If you are 14-25 and living in Hampshire, Surrey, West Berkshire and Dorset you can apply to be on the YPAG. If you are under 16, we will need consent from your parent/guardian.

Do I have to know lots about Step by Step? No. We just ask that you are enthusiastic, committed and willing to learn!

Do I have to access a Step by Step service to be a member? No, you don't have to be getting support from Step by Step to be a member.

What will I get from joining YPAG? Joining YPAG is a great opportunity to give something back to support young people in your area. As a YPAG member you will learn how the organisation is run, develop leadership, persuasion and negotiation skills, network and make new friends and contribute to making a significant positive contribution to the lives of local young people. It will also be something great to include on your CV.

How much time will I have to give? The group will meet bi-monthly so you will be required give 3 hours every 2 months.

What happens at meetings? Before meetings an agreed agenda will be circulated. This will include points from the Step by Step's leadership team, service specific points and points raised by members from previous meeting. The meetings will be relaxed and informal. At each meeting there will be members of staff from Step by Step and these will include the YPAG Manager and guest speakers.

Are travel expenses paid? Reasonable travel expenses will be paid by Step by Step. These will be agreed by the YPAG Manager.

To apply to join the Young People's Advisory Group, please complete the Online Form.

Contact Paul Harris is you have any questions about YPAG.

Our Work Last Year


young people were supported by Step by Step services.


young people in the UK are now expected to experience homelessness


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