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We are looking for new foster carers and families to support children and young people, typically aged 11-18, in the South of England. Could you provide a caring and supportive home?

Step by Step Fostering Ltd is an independent fostering agency, pairing children and young people with the loving foster carers they need. If that sounds like you, we would love to hear from you.

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Fostering offers children and young people a caring and supportive home when they do not have biological families able to look after them. Foster placements might be on a temporary or permanent basis.

Being a foster carer is so much more than providing a bed and putting a roof over someone’s head – it is helping each child and young person to build a better life.

There are many reasons why children and young people may come into care, but in many cases, they are unable to live with their family because they have experienced some form of neglect or abuse.

Such stressful life events can impact a child’s behaviour, ability to develop skills, learn information and get along with other children and adults.

Our foster carers come from all kinds of backgrounds, cultures and ethnic groups. We believe that your sexuality, ethnicity, martial status, age or whether you own a home do not determine your suitability as a foster carer, and will therefore not impact your fostering application.

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