Do you have a Spare Room?

Step by Step’s Supported Lodgings service helps young people, aged 16-21, into independent living by offering lodgings in a fully assessed, safe and caring home environment. Supported Lodgings prevents homelessness in Hampshire, Berkshire, West Sussex, Wiltshire, Surrey and Dorset.

Let your spare room to a young person facing homelessness

Young people find themselves homeless for many reasons, from escaping abuse to leaving care. Our Hosts offer a safe and supported place to live, from which a young person can work towards independent living. Hosts are fully trained, supported and financially compensated.

Could you provide:

  • A comfortable single room? Or a double room for a parent and baby?
  • Emotional and practical support?
  • Access to a shared kitchen, bathroom and living area?

We are looking for Hosts in Hampshire, Wiltshire, Berkshire, West Sussex, Surrey and Dorset, so get in touch today. You could help a young person turn their lives around.

Young people who have been in care or have been forced to leave home due to family problems often find themselves homeless and struggling to cope alone. Many lack the confidence and basic skills to live independently. Without the support of a family, the experience can be truly traumatic.

Through our Supported Lodgings placements, 95% of young people are able to progress positively in their lives.

We need Hosts from all walks of life.

Are you a good listener, non-judgemental, and caring? Could you develop a young person’s confidence, improve their everyday life skills, and support them to be more independent? Do you enjoy the company of young people, like taking on rewarding challenges, and want to make a difference in people’s lives?

We will support you every step of the way by providing:

  • training by experienced staff.
  • a carefully and sensitively matched placement for both you and the young person.
  • the opportunity to meet the young person before they move in.
  • structured support throughout the move in.
  • your own Step by Step support worker, as well as 24-hour help and support.
  • ongoing training, mentoring, advice and guidance.
  • monthly financial support for each young person living with you.

Contact our Supported Lodgings team to find out more

01252 346100

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