A Pawfect Visit to the Dogs Trust

  • 7 May 2019

Training and Development is just one of the many services we offer young people going through hard times. Several young people accommodated in our Aldershot foyer expressed an interest in working with animals so we organised a trip to visit the Dogs Trust in Newbury.

The day started off with a workshop around what the Dogs Trust do as a charity and some of the reasons why dogs are given up. Everyone then took part in interactive games focused on dog care and the responsibilities of taking on a pet.

Next up, the young people received a tour of the site and got paws-on with a couple of the dogs. The day was a great success. The young people learned pet care skills and responsibilities, and no dogs were smuggled away in handbags despite their cuteness.

The centre later emailed Step by Step to comment on how well the young people had done in the activities and how well they had conducted themselves. It was the perfect end to a pawfect day.

Step by Step visit the Dogs Trust