A Special Memory

  • 11 August 2021

Supported Lodgings Manager Kelly shares a memory of just one of the young people she helped. For Kelly, this particular memory resonates even after many years and she still recalls it vividly.

“One special memory I have is when I was working in our Aldershot Foyer. A young girl moved in and I took her to her room. She immediately burst out crying uncontrollably. I settled her down and after a while she shared why she was crying: she had never had her own bed before, let alone her own room to sleep in.

“I found it very moving; she was overwhelmed to have something so simple that you and I take for granted.

“This young girl engaged with all the support and guidance Step by Step offered her and she went from strength to strength. She found employment and eventually moved on to independent living.

“One Christmas Eve, many years later, I was at the Aldershot Foyer picking up gifts for young people in Supported Lodgings. I happened to be there when a woman appeared at the door holding the most enormous turkey in her hands, excited to come in. I recognised her straight away – it was the young girl from all those years ago.

“She was married with a successful career and living in the Midlands. She was visiting family and wanted to stop by Step by Step to say thank you for everything we did to give her a positive future. She remembered living in the Foyer at Christmas and wanted to help make it as special as possible for those young people living there now.

“I was so very proud of her, and it will always be a memory I treasure.”