Army Chefs Cause a Stir at Step by Step

  • 26 November 2019

Young people in our Aldershot foyer received a hands-on cooking lesson from local army chefs. Staff Sergeant George Dolan was accompanied by LCpl Godden and LCpl Hannah from Aldershot-based 4 Rifles to teach the young people to make a quick and nutritious chicken stir fry.

Brunch Club takes place each week, usually run by Step by Step staff, with the aim of teaching young people a key life skill with a focus on healthy eating. The army are drafted in to help once a month, their trained chefs inspiring the young people and helping to boost their confidence. The cost of the ingredients is funded by the Garrison while the chefs kindly lend their time and experience.

Charlie Frame, Aldershot Foyer Manager, commented: “It’s great to have the involvement of the community, especially those who the young people look up to, such as the armed forces.”

The session was also attended by reporter Natasha Reneaux who covered the story for BFBS radio, with George and Charlie interviewed about the joint endeavour.

At the end of the lesson, with the smells of fresh chilli and coriander enveloping the kitchen, young people and staff tried the resultant stir fry. Everyone agreed is was very tasty and a job well done.

The army chefs will be returning to Step by Step soon for a special Christmas Brunch Club.

Army Brunch Club at Step by Step charity