Our visit to the Buddhist Community Centre UK

  • 29 June 2018

Our visit to the Buddhist Community Centre UK

Our Aldershot Foyer is just a stones throw away from the Buddhist Community Centre, and in June we were invited by Kaji, who founded the Monastery, to visit and find out more about their work.

On arrival, we were made to feel very welcome with drinks and biscuits available. Kaji had put a lot of effort into our visit, arranging for numerous members of the community to assist and deliver presentations to our group. We found Kaji's own presentation on his life amazing with all the young people being very impressed with what he had achieved - believing that anything can be possible if you work hard for it.

We were invited to join a short meditation session and listened to the benefits that meditation can have. The Buddhist Community Centre run a weekly meditation session at 7am on a Sunday which is open to the public and some young people we support are hoping to start attending this regularly to help with their concentration and ability to relax.

After the meditation and presentations, we had a tour of the Monastery and were invited to join them for a meal of vegetarian curry, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed!

This was a hugely inspiring visit for all those that went along, and many left in awe of Kaji's achievements in life. We hope to offer a reciprocal visit to our Aldershot Foyer very soon.