Christmas 2017 - a Thank You

  • 24 January 2018

On December 1st we launched our Christmas appeal, Open Doors. Through the Open Doors appeal, we invited our community to make a contribution to help us offer a stable home for up to 233 young people over the Christmas period.

Without a stable home, young people often experience difficulties with their mental health and well-being as well as struggling to progress in their education or work. Secure accommodation through our services at Step by Step gives young people a foundation to build on. We provide opportunities to access specialist support services, such as counselling and family mediation, as well as personal development services such as skills workshops and training sessions.

Open Doors aimed to raise the cost of accommodation services for Christmas Day and Boxing Day for 233 young people, though young people stay in Step by Step accommodation services for much longer than two days, so that we can provide the secure and stable platform from which they can be empowered to live the lives they aspire to.

In addition to ensuring that everyone had stability in their accommodation, we were also supported by our local communities to provide gifts that were personal to each young person.

Rosie, who works directly with young people expressed the delight of young people in getting what they wanted for Christmas;

“The weights that Rob received were a particular delight for him as he will have had little else for Christmas and he’s keeping fit to do his base jumping. Sara loved her dressing gown and has not been seen without it on since! Jay has a new girlfriend and the male grooming products were very well received.”

We were thrilled to have raised £14,184 through the appeal which equates to 245 young people having secure accommodation for two days. Jessica Oliver, Head of Fundraising said;

“We were overwhelmed with the community reaction to our Christmas appeal. We received gifts and gift vouchers for young people from 16 organisations, community groups, and individuals. On top of this we received £4,463 in general online donations and a staggering £14,184 in direct response to our Open Doors appeal. We can’t thank you enough for responding so generously and helping us make Christmas special for every one of the young people we are working with and who had nowhere else to go over the Christmas period. Thank you!”