Climbing Snowdon Step by Step

  • 20 August 2019

We took a group of young people on a climbing adventure to scale Mount Snowdown. The six young people were accompanied by Senior Talent Coach, Dean Geal, and Step by Step volunteers Jane and John. The trip was a chance to build confidence, work as a team and overcome challenges.

The day before the climb, bad weather threatened to put a dampener on the expedition, but the next day the intrepid adventurers awoke to blue skies and bright sunshine. The ascent took 3.5 hours, everyone encouraging each other and working as a team. The volunteers did an incredible job of supporting the young people, most of whom had not done anything like this before.

Upon reaching the top, the group celebrated with coffee and sausage rolls while they took in the magnificent views. The beautiful weather allowed them to enjoy miles and miles of stunning Welsh countryside.

“The views are amazing,” one young person commented. “I'm so glad we made it to the top – I didn't think we would!”

The descent took 2.5 hours, the tired team clambering back into the mini bus and looking forward to a good night's sleep.

The next day, the Step by Step team took the young people to Bounce Below – an underground trampolining centre set in an old slate mine. Everyone enjoyed themselves and it was the perfect end to an active and rewarding trip.

At Step by Step, we believe that supporting young people is about more than just providing a safe place to live. Our wraparound services include counselling, mentoring and personal development. Activities like the Snowdon trip boost confidence, impart life skills and instil self-belief in young people who are not accustomed to having anyone believe in them.

Step by Step Mount Snowdon climbing trip