Counselling at Step by Step

  • 31 October 2018

Step by Step is more than a safe place to stay for a young person who is no longer able to live at home; it’s also a place for young people who need help and support with various aspects of their life including mental health.

Our counselling service is part of the portfolio of support we offer. We have recently carried out a piece of research with young people who accessed our counselling service this year to find out what they thought of the service.

A number of young people spoke about how important is was to talk to someone outside of their family or friends who could provide an impartial viewpoint.

96% felt that the people who saw them listened to them.

The feedback highlights the importance of friendly and approachable staff and how this helps young people to feel comfortable and confident enough to engage with their counsellor.

96% of young people felt that their views and worries were taken seriously

A wealth of feedback commented on how counselling offers the opportunity for young people to explore their feelings and helps to highlight strategies to deal with difficult situations and emotions.

It really opened my eyes to causes of my problems I'd never thought about and how to deal with them.

Having someone listen to me and understand what was going on and learning multiple coping strategies to see what worked for me.

A recurrent running through the comments by young people was that counselling had increased their confidence and helped them to become more assertive to express their needs.

I feel like I was given lots of guidance with where to go from here and how to cope with my feelings.

When unsure I can call Step by Step. I was listened to and was able to speak openly about things.

We look forward to expanding our counselling work with young people to support them in making positive steps for their future.