DNA Service to Close

  • 20 July 2017

Step by Step to close Drug and Alcohol Service

We are disappointed to report that, later this year, we are to close our Aldershot based drug and alcohol service, D'n'A, after 15 years.

Following news from Hampshire County Council in late 2016 that it was unable to continue funding the service after March 2017, our Board of Trustees committed to fund the service in the short-term from the organisation's reserves, while our fundraising team tried to source alternative funding.

Jessica Oliver, Head of Fundraising said "The team worked hard to raise funds from elsewhere, but were universally rejected. In part, this was because our service added local capacity and could be viewed as duplicating some of the work of another commissioned service."

Amanda Dubarry, Chief Executive said, "We are incredibly disappointed that we have been unable to find alternative funding for our vital drug and alcohol service, but we are unable to sustain it from our reserves any longer. To do so would threaten the sustainability of the whole organisation and the supported accommodation we offer to 239 young people every night throughout the South-East."

We will now begin a process of closing down the D'n'A Service and will be referring young people currently supported by the service to the commissioned county-wide substance misuse service.

Amanda went on to say, "We are grateful to all of our partners that we have worked with over the years and our incredible staff that have worked tirelessly to achieve fantastic results for young people that relied on this service."

Step by Step's drug and alcohol service supported 111 young people in 2016-17. The last day that the service will operate is Friday 22nd September 2017.

We are a local charity reliant on community donations to support some of our services for young people experiencing hard times, including homelessness. To support us, please click here.

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