Glory Global Case Study

  • 5 May 2021

Why Multi-Year Partnerships Trump Charity of the Year Partnerships

By Jenna Grant, Corporate Partnerships Officer, Step by Step

The importance of Multi-Year Partnerships is well understood from a charity perspective, but perhaps less so from a corporate one.

Many companies set up Charity of the Year-style partnerships, and whilst these relationships make for huge successes, the charity may be left with a gap in their income once the year is up. In today’s fast-paced, competitive environment this can prove a real challenge, especially when the lapsed funds in question are quite large. So how can we work together to overcome such obstacles in fundraising?

One partner we have been working with is Glory Global, a technology solutions company based in Basingstoke. Their dedicated CSR team understood the pressures that Step by Step as a charity may face – especially whilst navigating through a global pandemic and the effects still yet to come. Therefore, the team decided to shift their usual Charity of the Year Partnership into a Multi-Year Partnership.

Benefits for the company:

  • Relationship building, especially team building opportunities via fundraising and volunteering.
  • Getting to understand a charity more, their motives and their long-term plans and being able to be a part of this, essentially making change from the inside.
  • Less time and effort spent getting to know a different charity and less time spent motivating your workforce to get onboard fundraising.

Benefits for the charity:

  • Enhanced relationship with the company – getting to know your company quirks and what your employees would like to see as fundraising activities.
  • Stability – a stable income stream.
  • Ability to support more young people and do more as a charity.

It’s with gratitude that we welcome Glory Global as a partner for the second year running. The team there have gone above and beyond to think of innovative ways to fundraise as the team tackled working from home and being away from the office. They met their yearly fundraising target before the end of the March.

The team understood the mutual benefits of a Multi-Year Partnership and were ready to support Step by Step for another year. It is thanks to partnerships like this that we can transform the lives of so many young people local to the Glory Global offices in Basingstoke.

If you are looking for a charity to form a Multi-Year Partnership with, I would love to hear from you. We can help you meet your CSR goals while working together to give young people a brighter future.

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