Homeless Sunday

  • 4 January 2018

Sunday 28th January 2018

During the lead up to Christmas, the issue of homelessness is at the centre of people’s mind, however at Step by Step we work tirelessly all year round to empower young people and ultimately prevent homelessness. We need to ensure that willingness to support, donate and raise awareness continues beyond Christmas in order to do just this.

Homeless Sunday is a chance for Churches and Christian groups from across the country to join together in prayer, reflect, and plan practical actions on homelessness. This year we would like to ask Churches in the South East to get involved for Step by Step.

At Step by Step we believe that preventing young people becoming homeless, is possible. To do this, young people and their families need access to high quality and support as early as possible. Through our specialist support services, we work alongside young people to empower them to tackle the issues which are causing them to become homeless in the first place. 47% of the young people we support, become homeless due to family breakdown. Many others have experienced abuse or have had inadequate support with mental health issues.

We would like this to be the biggest Homeless Sunday ever, for Christians to come together and raise awareness of the growing homelessness crisis in Britain, to increase the number of activities in addressing it, and to share the message that prevention is possible.

Future STEPS© is a service for young people aged 11-18. Talent Coaches work with young people on a 1:1 basis to develop skills, increase self-esteem, build motivation and offer support to successfully access employment, education and training opportunities. Through the Future STEPS service, there’s also access to group activities to encourage socialising and team building.

Just £25 can pay for a young person to have a 1:1 session with one of our Talent Coaches. Each young person we support has an average of 8 sessions with a Talent Coach, therefore for every £200 raised on Homeless Sunday, one young person will be able to receive the sustainable support that is needed to transform their life.


  • Hold a retiring collection for Step by Step on Sunday 28th January; we are able to provide you with gift aid envelopes and literature if needed.
  • Offer your time to Step by Step – there are lots of adhoc and longer term opportunities available for volunteers.
  • Tell two of your colleagues / friends / family about Step by Step; like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter, so that awareness of our work is raised.