Intensive Support for Young People in Havant

  • 15 October 2020

We are delighted to report that Step by Step has won the tender to continue operating accommodation and training services in Havant, Hampshire. The new contract will see us supporting young people in the area over the next five years, with more focus on those who are of higher need.

Under the new High Intensive Support Service contract, Step by Step will accommodate young people who require a higher degree of support. This will give an opportunity to young people who might have been difficult to place elsewhere. Each young person will have a structured but personalised support plan to identify individual areas of need and give them the highest chance of progression.

As well as accommodation to prevent homelessness, young people will also receive personal development training delivered by Hampshire Futures to help them move into education or employment. Step by Step will complement this with life skills training, focusing on areas such as personal responsibility, managing money, personal relationships, meaningful use of time, and mental wellbeing.

“I’m excited to transition our Foyers into a new high-intensity support service,” said Mae Partridge, Regional Foyer Manager. “This will truly target those young people who need intensive support, guidance and structure within our communities, and help them flourish into independent living.”

Step by Step operates accommodation and specialist support services in six counties across the South of England.