Introducing Brighter Futures

  • 1 June 2021

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Young people need more than just a roof over their head if they are to break the cycle of homelessness. They need confidence, skills and a stable foundation to move on with their lives. Unfortunately, 79% of the young people who come to Step by Step are not in work or education, and a staggering 96% lack independent living skills.

Our new Brighter Futures appeal asks members of the public, companies and community groups to help fund the key services that make agenuine difference to young lives. These include life skills training, personal development opportunities, and mental health counselling.

Chloe found herself homeless at just 17 years old after escaping domestic abuse. We were able to offer her a stable place to live, but that was just the start of the support she required. While living with Step by Step, Chloe learned to manage her finances, was taught to cook and eat on a budget, and she was able to address her mental health issues. She has grown in confidence and is hopeful about her future.

You can help young people like Chloe work towards a brighter future.

£15 could pay for a group life skills session to teach essential skills for independent living; £25 could pay for a one-to-one work readiness session to boost the chances of finding work; and £50 could pay for a counselling session to help with mental health and wellbeing.

To support our new Brighter Futures appeal, please visit