Introducing Our New Trustees

  • 21 July 2020

We are delighted to introduce you to three exciting new additions to our board of trustees. Andrew Mitchell, Caroline Skerry and James Mowat join an experienced board, bringing with them a wealth of expertise, passion and ideas.

Trustees play an important role in any charity. They have the ultimate responsibility for governing the organisation and directing how it is run. We are fortunate to have a board of trustees with a wide range of skills and experience, and who have been proactive in supporting all areas of the charity. Andrew, Caroline and James will further add to this pool of expertise and help shape the future of Step by Step.

Please join us in welcoming these high-calibre additions to the team.

Andrew Mitchell

With his background as a lawyer, both in private practice and the financial services sector, Andrew brings extensive legal experience to his new role of trustee. He is particularly expert in local authority contracts, which will prove extremely useful for Step by Step. Andrew is keen to contribute to the long-term success of the charity.

“I wanted to do something meaningful in the local area to help young people,” Andrew explained. “Seeing my children grow up in the current social and economic climate, I know how difficult it can sometimes be.”

Andrew originally contacted us to lend his skills as a volunteer, but when he saw there was an opening on the board of trustees, he was excited about the opportunity it represented.

Caroline Skerry

As a co-founder of a successful communications agency, Caroline is a 15-year veteran of the marketing and public relations sector. She has extensive experience in a wide range of media, including TV, radio and digital, and has created marketing campaigns for an array of domestic and international enterprises.

Caroline is passionate about using her skills, experience and contacts to help raise the profile of Step by Step.

“Step by Step was brought to my attention by my daughter’s school which was fundraising at the time,” Caroline recalls. “I was shocked by the level of local poverty and homelessness among young people in our community. I want to help position the charity in its rightful place as thought leader and authority on the issue of youth homelessness.”

As well as an enviable skill set, Caroline brings to the role energy, determination and a belief that teamwork is everything.

James Mowat

James is in a unique position as a trustee having once been supported by Step by Step (read his story here). James has managed to become successful despite the considerable adversity he faced, and is now Associate Director of a global recruitment company.

“I am incredibly proud, humbled and honoured to be a trustee at this amazing charity,” James told us. “When I was homeless at 16-years-old, I could never have imagined becoming a member of the board. I am incredibly passionate about giving back and my focus as trustee will be solely on the betterment of young people.”

Having been a beneficiary of Step by Step, James has unique insight that will prove invaluable in helping to shape the direction of the charity. His commercial expertise will also contribute to recruitment, marketing and business development.