Kindness Can Bridge the Gap

  • 19 March 2020

With so much uncertainty affecting us all at the moment, we are delighted to have received a generous offer of help from one of our corporate supporters, No Fear Bridge. They reached out to us to offer emergency funding at a time they know charities are facing unprecedented challenges.

No Fear Bridge ( have been supporting Step by Step since 2015. The family-run business gives a proportion of its profits to charities that support young people in particular. We are delighted to be one of their beneficiaries and have received generous grants over the last few years.

Their latest donation will help us address some of the challenges resulting from the spread of COVID-19. We offer 24/7 support for vulnerable young people, many of whom would otherwise be homeless; the generosity of No Fear Bridge will help us continue to offer this service despite difficult circumstances.

Debbie Moreton, Head of Young People’s Services at Step by Step, commented: “No Fear Bridge have been a fantastic supporter and their latest act of kindness is genuinely touching. It’s heart-warming to know that vulnerable young people are still in people’s thoughts despite everything else that’s going on at the moment.”

Paula Turton, Charities Support Officer at No Fear Bridge, told us: “We have never known a time like this and we need to pull together for those most vulnerable in our communities.”

We would like to say a huge thank you to No Fear Bridge for their generosity, compassion and community spirit.

No Fear Bridge supports Step by Step charity