Lydia and Pat - What Compassion Can Achieve

  • 19 July 2019

It is with pride, joy and just a touch of sadness that we say goodbye to Lydia*, a young person we have supported for over a year. We have seen Lydia grow in confidence, learn life skills and find employment. Now she is ready to take the next step in her life and live independently. We could not be more delighted at the progress she has made and how she has turned her life around despite difficult circumstances.

Pat was Lydia's STEP worker and was instrumental in helping Lydia towards becoming the positive young woman she is today. “Lydia has come so far and done so well,” Pat says. “We'll miss her but we're very proud of her.”

Lydia's progress has been inspiring for everyone who has been involved in her journey. When she first came to Step by Step, having left home due to overcrowding, Lydia had few life skills and could not imagine having to live independently.

“When I came to Step by Step, I couldn't do anything,” Lydia recalls. “I didn't have a job and I didn't know how to do things for myself.”

During her time with Step by Step, Lydia accessed most of our services, from accommodation to personal development. She learned key life skills, including how to cook, use a washing machine, manage money and become ready for work. Earlier this year she got a job in a supermarket – a huge boost to her confidence and self-esteem. Lydia also became something of an ambassador for the charity, speaking at our Sleep Out event and sharing her story with our supporters.

Now Lydia has found a room in a shared house and is moving on to the next chapter in her life. “It's going to be strange living on my own but I'm so excited!”

We wish Lydia the best of luck. We're confident she now has the bright future she deserves.

*Name changed to respect privacy.

Lucy and Pat at Step by Step