New Opportunities Fund Launched

  • 23 June 2022

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Opportunities Fund – a way to quickly support young people with the items they need to succeed.

The Opportunities Fund is a pot of money that can be used for any of the young people we support. Support Workers can make ad hoc purchases to help young people with a specific need. It could be to buy smart clothes for a job interview, a bike to get to work, a laptop to continue their studies, or move-in items such as bedding or a kettle.

While we have had funding for items like this in the past, the Opportunities Fund is quickly and easily accessible, removing the barrier to getting young people the items they need. The Opportunities Fund is kept topped up by kind donations from companies and community groups.

Shannon was one of the first young people to benefit from this new fund, helping her get back into work when she could not afford travel and food. Read her story here.

It is the flexibility and easy access that makes the Opportunities Fund unique. As Debbie Moreton, Step by Step CEO, explains: “The Opportunities Fund is accessible to all young people, no matter their situation or status within our services. I am so pleased that those we support will have quick access to what they need without any barriers.”

Recent purchases made from the Opportunities Fund include supermarket vouchers to buy essential groceries, and holdalls so that young people moving out don’t have to carry their possessions in black bin bags.