Remembering a Champion of Young People

  • 13 April 2021

It was with great sadness that we learned the news that HRH Prince Philip had passed away last Friday. As well as playing a pivotal role in the Royal Family for many years, the Duke of Edinburgh was a passionate advocate for young people.

The Prince’s early life was marked by instability and loss – experiences that many of the young people we support can relate to, despite coming from very different backgrounds. He held many of the beliefs that constitute the key pillars of our mission.

Prince Philip was an ardent supporter of charity – when he retired from royal duties in 2017, he was a patron, president or member of more than 780 organisations. Perhaps his most enduring legacy is the Duke of Edinburgh Awards, which we have at first hand seen many young people benefit from.

The Royal Family have suggested that the Prince would have liked donations to charity in his name. If you are planning on donating to Step by Step in memory of Prince Philip, please donate in the usual way and then email to let us know the donation is in his name.

Beyond the pomp and ceremony, Prince Philip was at his heart a family man and a champion of young people.