Supported Lodgings Celebrates Success

  • 23 September 2019

Our Supported Lodgings service has proven to be a great success, growing significantly in the number of vulnerable young people it supports.

Twelve years ago, the service was comprised of one Step by Step worker overseeing 12 placements in Hampshire. Today, Supported Lodgings has grown to 20 staff members covering 220 placements across six counties in the South of England.

Supported Lodgings sees ordinary members of the public paid to lend their spare room to a young person at risk of homelessness. Hosts are fully vetted, trained and supported. They are carefully matched with a young person to ensure compatibility and increase the chances of a successful placement. The wellbeing of the young person is always the utmost consideration.

As a model for preventing homelessness in young people, Supported Lodgings is scalable, cost-effective and has demonstrated excellent outcomes. Last year, 90% of the young people who used the service showed positive progression.

The success of Supported Lodgings can be attributed to three things. Firstly, the public's compassion and desire to do something about youth homelessness; secondly, local authorities recognising that the model is proven and effective; and thirdly, the hard work, professionalism and dedication of the Supported Lodgings team.

Debbie Moreton, Head of Young People's Services, has overseen the growth of the service since she started at Step by Step 12 years ago. “I am beyond proud of the Supported Lodgings team. I passionately believe in the housing model for young people as it creates fantastic outcomes, helping them move from crisis to independence.”

Step by Step is confident that the Supported Lodgings service will grow even further in the coming years.