Supported Lodgings Extends into Wiltshire

  • 26 May 2020

Step by Step is extending its Supported Lodgings service into Wiltshire to help more young people facing homelessness than ever before. The charity is delighted to have won a tender to provide safe and secure accommodation to some of the county’s most vulnerable young people.

The expansion of Supported Lodgings means that more host families and individuals will provide young people with the closest thing they can have to a family living environment. As well as offering vital accommodation to young people with nowhere else to go, hosts provide everyday support, boost confidence and impart life skills.

“Wiltshire is a large and rural county with some areas of significant high need,” commented Kelly Giles, Supported Lodgings Manager. “We will be bridging the gap in the current housing provision and offering a safe, secure home environment for young people across the county. Supported Lodgings is able to offer flexibility and choice of homes for each young person needing support.”

At Step by Step, we believe that a young person needs more than just a temporary roof over their head to truly break the cycle of homelessness. They need to grow in self-esteem and confidence, work towards independence, and have the support of someone who believes in them.

Our Supported Lodgings scheme has proved highly successful across the South of England – of the young people who are supported by the service, 90% progress positively. We are pleased that young people in Wiltshire will be able to benefit from a stable place to live and the opportunity to move on with their lives.

If you have a spare room and a passion for helping young people succeed, find out more about becoming a Supported Lodgings Host here.